Al-Sadd has released a statement released by coach Xavi Hernandez

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Stars League Qatari club Al-Sadd has released a statement released by coach Xavi Hernandez after receiving compensation from Barcelona official amp nou.

Position players ‘ Azusa A. Rana ‘ vacant when Ronald Cooper was fired, the process Georgie bar Juan Acting waiting for Joan La Porta raptors . The club Barcelona agreed compensation of tea. B got it first   

Until recently, the Qatari giant informed via Twitter account AlsaddSC that everything was cleared, the figure was estimated at €1 million and that the executive director of Turki Al-Ali was drafting the 41-year-old coach’s leave. by myself 

“Al-Sadd’s management has agreed that Xavi will move to Barcelona. After paying his release clause in accordance with the terms of his current commitments,”  Al-Sadd’s CEO said.

” We have also established a partnership with the club Barcelona in the future. I want to commend Xavi is an important part of the history of Al – Sadd take this opportunity to wish you success .”

“He informed us a few days ago that he would like to join Barcelona at this time. Because the hometown club is in a deadly situation.” 

“Which we understand at this point and decide not to interfere.” 

“Xabi and his family are still being welcomed in Doha. And our relationship will continue.” 

Xavi played for Barcelona for more than 17 years to win La Liga, 8 days, plus another four Champions League games last weekend at Celta Vigo. That will soon go to the previous session Georgie expects the initial control is found. Espanyol Espanyol rear brake national team (20 May . a .).