Castles reveals senior Manchester United players want Ole’s sacking

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Celebrity journalist Duncan Castles has revealed that many Manchester United seniors want a change in manager as soon as possible.

         Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been entrusted with his work despite losing three of his last four Premier League games. Made it fall into the top 6 of the table at the moment. Previous reports revealed that he will be in charge of the team against Watford after the national team program.

         According to Castles and ufabet , many of the season’s players believe the team will need a change of head coach if they want to achieve their goals this season.

         “It’s really amazing what he’s still working on considering the results. And the work he’s done to those results,” Castles told the Transfer Window podcast.

         “From the response of the dressing room Now there are seniors at Manchester United who have come to the conclusion that they feel the need to change coaches if they want to achieve what they expected to be able to achieve with the quality of the team they have.”

Why Castles is important

It all started with monkeys.

When asked how he got into journalism, Duncan Castles revealed in an interview: “I was working in science, in academics, did a Ph.D. in monkey behaviour, did my research in Africa for that. I was looking for more funding and ended up going to Japan to study Japanese and study Japanese monkeys over there and I spent three years over there, working at Tokyo University.

“I was supposed to go back to the UK but the World Cup was coming up in Japan. So I wanted to stay and was losing my enthusiasm for scientific research. There were adverts in one of the English-language papers I read looking for sub-editors, one of them in sport. I applied for that job and got it.”

After moving back to England, Duncan started off as a journalist for the Daily Mail. Followed by The Times. He also features on The Transfer Window podcast.

When you check the tier-based reliability guide, Castles is listed in the fourth tier – which is mostly unreliable. But there is a catch – he’s the ultimate source for all things Jose Mourinho and anything to do with Jorge Mendes’ clients.

Castles is close friends with super-agent Mendes, meaning if he’s reporting something about Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s probably true. However, run a mile away if you see him talk about anything else.