Danny Murphy suggested Manchester United need to change manager

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Ex-Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy has suggested that Manchester United need a change of manager by sacking Ole Gunnar Solskjaer if they want to win the Premier League.

         The turbulent season for the “Red Devils” continues after a 2-0 home defeat to Manchester City on Saturday. As a result, the team have now lost four of their last six league games and are nine points behind Chelsea.

         The Norwegian bought time earlier with a win over Spurs. But Murphy believes that if United are still hoping to compete for the title with Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool. They should find a new manager.

         “If they want to compete with the big teams now – Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea. They have to change the manager,” Murphy told BBC Match of the Day.

Danny Murphy suggested Manchester United need to change manager

         After the international break, United played three consecutive away games starting with Watford, Villarreal (Champions League) and Chelsea.

Manchester City are in a different league from United – the gulf in class was embarrassing

Solskjaer has done a fine job rebuilding United after the damage and division inflicted on them by Jose Mourinho but it has been evident this season — particularly after United’s outgoing executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward chose to sign Ronaldo rather than the central defensive midfield player who might have given United a chance of challenging — that Solskjaer has taken this team as far as he can.

United went for clicks, not trophies. They went for shirt sales, not trophies. They went for social media engagement, not trophies. And now, as many predicted, Solskjaer is paying the price for their warped priorities. Ronaldo is a magnificent player but he is 36 and against the best teams he is reduced to an island of impotence.