Josep Guardiola checks Walker’s before against Manchester United

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Josep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City has informed the team of progress before the game against Manchester United (November 6) that he is waiting to test the fitness of the right-back of Kyle Walker the atmosphere of a derby match is not seen as deadly. Just want to do your best to win. According to reports by ufabet

Walker ( ankle ) condition is worrisome because image rehearsal room after the game, The Beach . Midweek. But the misses for sure are Aymeric Laporte ( Ban ), Ferran Torres ( ankle ). 

“ At the moment I don’t know if it’s okay or not, but I’ll know in the next few hours. But just now, I don’t know at all. ” The 50- year- old boss said.  

“ As for Manchester United, I don’t think it’s the biggest game in England. But some people might think that way. ” 

“ We try to focus on every game. For the derby it’s a more sensitive issue than usual but in the end it’s the same result – this isn’t a final. Just another game of football. ”

“ I woke up this morning and went straight to the training center, spent 10-14 hours here. Then go home. ” 

“ Didn’t go to the pub to continue drinking beer. So it’s not right to imagine the atmosphere. ” 

“ It’s normal. I try to make up my mind , calm my brain to realize what should be done. and will do the best he can no more than that. ” 

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