Jurgen Klopp has reported the bad news before against West Ham

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has reported the bad news before the game against West Ham (Nov 7) that striker Roberto Firmino missed the match with a serious hamstring injury. such a course And after the break. The national team is not sure when to recover.

Safir Ono has hurt the game’s H . , Who beat Atletico Madrid 2-0 in midweek. And That was sent as a backup at halftime, but was replaced on strike until the second half.  

” The tragic death of  ‘ Bobby ‘ is not good news with a muscle injury after knee damage taken. We still don’t know how long we have to disappear. But it’s not this person. Must be after the national team break We have to support each other. ”

Jurgen Klopp has reported the bad news before against West Ham

Meanwhile, centre-back Joe Gomez ( calf ) and midfielder Curtis Jones ( Eye ) will also miss out on a trip to the London Stadium and will return for the match against Arsenal. NS  

“ Curtis, this is different from Firmino, he was unlucky in training – put a finger in his eye. Throughout his career, the head coach has suffered many injuries. But never before. It is in the process of finding a way to return to the team. Still can’t answer how long. ”

“It is expected that after the break of the national team But in the meantime, we’ll see if we can do some important training again. ”  

” And Joey hopes after the international break as well. ” 

Finally, the two midfield Far from Oye eye Varese. Tiago Al Kanta her win was even used recently restored to its game ‘ Bear ‘.

“ As you can see, getting them back is very important for Fabinho to pass the assessment you have to see how long they can play and then they can play and then after 60 minutes make a decision. ” 

“ If you can find a replacement for Thiago, that’s the right thing to do. At this time, the Chows had an important stride awaiting. So it’s all ready. ” 

At this time the midfielder ‘ Reds ‘ to change not just because James Milner ( thigh ), Nabeel Great Italiana ( thigh ) and Harvey Elliott’s ( ankle ) injury before.