Juventus beating Lazio 2-0.

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Juventus gained an early advantage by defeating Lazio 2-0 in the first match of the Coppa Italia. The two teams recently met in the league where Lazio won 1-0. In this game, Juventus had Dusan Vlahovic back as an option again after missing the league game because of a suspension. 

The game started in the 11th minute. The referee gave Juventus a penalty when Matias Vecino kicked a foul on Andrea Cambiaso. But there was a VAR check before the decision was made. UFABET Mbiazo was in an offside position, so Lazio escaped conceding a goal.

But in the 14th minute, Lazio had to make a quick change. When Mattia Mattia Saccagni was injured and unable to continue playing. So Gustav Isaksen came on to play instead.  

Lazio almost got a goal at the end of the first half in the 42nd minute. Patrick opened it up for Luis Alberto to score a low header. The ball slowly floated straight onto the crossbar. Juve goalkeeper Mattia Perin timed the save not good. But luckily didn’t concede a goal.

In the 50th minute of the second half, Juventus took a 1-0 lead. Andrea Cambiaso made a perfect pass from his own half. Causing Federico Chiesa to slip into the penalty area before he could. Beautiful right into the far post.

The Zebras escaped 2-0 in the 64th minute. Weston McKennie flowed the ball to Dusan Vlahovic, who touched it into the penalty area. Before switching legs and shooting decisively with his left into the goal.

The rest of the time, Lazio couldn’t do anything to return, leading to the end of the game. Juventus won 2-0, while Lazio waited for revenge in the second match at their own home on April 23.