Kaiserslautern the first team to the DFB Pokal

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Kaiserslautern They are the first team to advance to the DFB Pokal finals this year. After defeating dark horse Saarbrucken 2-0 on Tuesday football.

DFB Pokal football, first round of the playoffs, Saarbrucken, dark horse from Liga. Three who have defeated many big teams, including Bayern and Frankfurt. Got to play another match at home. Kaiserslautern. UFABET 

during the first half hour Both teams still found a chance to hope for a goal, barely informing each other. Resulting in no goals being scored.

31 min Kaiserslautern Had to make a substitution. Sending Aaron Opoku to replace Kenny Redondo. An important attacker who was injured and could not continue playing. 

At the end of the first half.

Kaiser should have taken the lead. From a free kick on the right side by Marcel Goyes that opened it up for Kai Brünger. The talented striker left to head in emphatically. But the ball didn’t enter the box. This resulted in the end of the first half tied 0-0. 

The second half was Kaiser’s way, scoring 1-0 in the 53rd minute from the moment. When Almamy Toure opened the ball from the right into the penalty area for Marlon Ritter to head. The ball wasn’t very strong, but Tim Schrei Number instead let him through the door. 

In the 75th minute, the visiting team made it 2-0 from a free kick on the left. Hitting Moteusz Puchaz for Almamy Toure to head over from 6 yards out. The ball hit the ground before bouncing into the post, Tim Schreiber soaring. But not in time

At the end of the game, Kaizer Chiefs had another chance in the 82nd minute. Boris Tomiak turned the ball over for Filip Stojkovic to shoot with his right in the penalty area. But the ball didn’t pass Tim Schreiber’s hands. 

Then the game ended with Kaiserslautern. Be the one to attack and win. Saarbrucken 2-0 entered the final as the first team. Waiting to find the winner between Leverkusen and Dusseldorf to play on Wednesday.