Ole Gunnar Solskjaer waits for Lindelof in the last minute against City

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Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said at a press conference before meeting Manchester City that the team must win until the last minute in order for Victor Lindelof to be available as an option for Manchester Derby Matches This Saturday.

Options defender intermediary of the ‘ Red Devils ‘ trust has now only left Harry Maguire with Eric Bai Yi because Raphael the store ( thigh ) injured from the game punch off . When the middle. Week, plus Lindelof is not physically perfect enough to travel to help the team in the draw with Atalanta Young, Italy.  

Even the veterans through town to the ‘ O’ G ‘ is still a chance that a Swedish defender recovered in time 12:30 hrs . , Local or not. 

“ Unfortunately we still have a few players who risk missing the game. But that’s part of the game. ” Opening the mouth through the official website.

“ We just have to give them as much time as we can. Because all of them are very physically fit and ask for another 24 hours to see if they can be an option or not. ”

“ In the case of Waran, after using all the analytical technologies, it is estimated to have missed 4-5 weeks of matches. It is another damage that has hit us. Influence quite a bit, but the latest game Eric Baiyi has stepped up and has outstanding results. We have the strength to cope. ” 

“ Lindelof’s side has little chances but hopefully when Saturday comes to say he is ready. Expected to be ready for tomorrow but can’t confirm. ” 

Another is that I miss midfielder Paul Pogba mounted flat football match in 2 out of 3 games, card games, Jensen blamed defeated Liverpool 0-5 on the nest.