Paul Ince has slammed the current acting manager Ralph Rangnick for choose Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Sky Sports analyst Paul Ince has slammed the current acting manager Ralph Rangnick for choosing Cristiano Ronaldo by raising the captain’s armband to wear. Although it should belong to a dedicated pot player. Scott McTominay the football game lost 0-1 to Wolves yesterday.

The match at Old Trafford yesterday was without Harry Maguire. The owner of the original armband who has injury and has fallen out of form for the whole season. UFABET Which David de Gea normally has to take care. But it turns out that Rangnick chose a Portuguese star to act instead. Then may be worn for a long time according to local media reports.  

Of course, the incident caused dissatisfaction with Ince. United legend Ince of the 1994 doubles champions. Because the CR7 did not have the leadership personality of a player like McTominay. Especially mentally fighter’s heart.

” If you had to give someone the armband last night. If I were Ralph Rangnick it would be McTominay. ” Said the former Blackpool manager.

“ Because I think the captaincy should be based on his performance and what he does on the pitch. ”

“ That guy is 25 years old, it would be nice to take the role of Captain more in the learning curve. ”

“ But now the team pushes for Ronaldo, who has been blamed by many for running from the field before the villagers every time at the end of the game. Instead of applauding the fans, ‘ Red Army ‘.”

“ This kind of thing should be measured in the role model. Which I think the way of playing McTominay has shown, it has to take the armband – give the position and let it go . 

On Harry Redknapp’s side, the analytics partner disagrees if the Maguire armband is long because the more the player loses his life.

” How disrespectful is it to take the armband from Harry Maguire ?” said England captain.  

“ If you were Cristiano Ronaldo, at this moment you would think – I want to be a player for the team. I want to make sure to help all my comrades -“

“ But sacking Maguire from first-choice captain would only lower his confidence. ” 

In the first 11 line-up yesterday, De Gea has played for the team for the longest run since 2011, equal to Phil Jones, followed by McTominay , who has joined the youth team since 2013.