‘Salah’ begs the world to help ‘Gaza people’

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Mohamed Salah, Liverpool star, addresses war in Gaza for the first time, calling on leaders around the world Let’s work together to stop the killing of innocent people. and immediately send assistance to the area

Violence in Gaza continues. last Tuesday A hospital was bombed, killing at least 500 people, while the perpetrator remains unclear. ทางเข้า ufabet

One day after the great loss, Salah used his social media account to post a video. Referring to the people in the Gaza Strip who are surrounded by the Israeli army in pursuit of the terrorist group Hamas,

“At a time like this Speaking isn’t always easy. The violence that occurred was more than I could bear. And the cruelty breaks my heart,” the 31-year-old Egyptian wrote.

“Every life is sacred. and must be protected Therefore, the violence must stop. Because there are many families that have been separated.”

“What is clear is that people in Gaza are in dire straits. So the authority Humanitarian assistance must be allowed. Access the area immediately.”

“The incident at the hospital last night. It horrifies me: The people of Gaza need food, water and medical assistance immediately.” “

I call on leaders around the world to Let’s work together to prevent more innocent people from being killed. Because humanity must come first above all else.”

Salah’s post was posted after he received thanks from the Egyptian Red Cross. for large donations To help those affected by the event