Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta said at a press conference ahead of Watford

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Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta said at a press conference ahead of Watford (Nov 7) he hopes left-back Kieran Tierney is in place. In the name which if the condition is fit enough, it will push Nuno Tavares into the real thing

Gauthier Chaney left ankle bruise found from Game Crystal Palace on 18 in . C . Missed a lot of shots. Until the time helped heal the Scottish players back to training in the group. It hasn’t been fully in the past two days, but with 72 hours before the kickoff ball should be available for Arteta to choose from.  

“ Kieran has been training with the team for the last two meals. He felt better low-order just hope he’s still ready to use ” old consultant 39 years, said.  

“ Wait and wait for the next two training sessions ( Friday , Saturday ) to see how he feels. Because just received a small group training not yet full So two days from now you will see how fit you are. ” 

” The competition between the Gauthier Chaney – Eye Varese look is a good thing. I hope to see more positive situations like this. So, getting the top players on hand to produce the best performance in multiple positions. Because that is the only way to enhance the quality , standard and performance of the team. ” 

For the competition ‘s Emirates Stadium this Sunday will be the team ‘s Arsenal match 100 of Arteta record before winning 53 matches , draw 20 and lost 26 games ratios health – to. – Matches 53.5%